• Founder is a Congressionally Recognized Innovator in Video Technology
  • C-Suite & Advisory members each have over 20+ years experience


  • Patent-pending business methods
  • Powers distribution including CTV channels (e.g. Roku™, Firestick™ and Roomful™ metaverse cloud platform
  • Unlimited capacity to host creators
  • Ecommerce enabled
  • Enables video uploads from Anywhere
  • iOT Technology experience in Premium Performance frnnchises (Phase 2)


  • Content creators and artists can gain global exposure on CTV and metaverse emerging channels while earning their fair share of earnings
  • Content Syndication (phase 2)
  • Premium Performance Spaces that serve as IRL community centers with IoT tech to connect IRL to Metaverse and TV {(Phase 2)
  • Preserver integrity of content creator’s work


  • Hold Speaking Events
  • Upscale Parties
  • Musical Performances
  • Film Premiers
  • Industry Conferences
  • Educational Seminars
  • Strategic Company events
  • Community gatherings

Benefits & Value Adds

TV & Metaverse at Your Fingertips

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